Just some projects

That include but never limited to Computers, Home Automation, Home rentovation, Home Networking, Aquariums, LED TVs and more.

Aquarium Bridge

Decided to I wanted a fish tank and see how it escalated to a bridge

Aquarium Bridge Finally Finished

Finally finished the aquarium bridge. Cray Cray learning experience with the same end result. Fish love it!

Raspberry PI 4 Build

Had to try out the new raspberry pi 4 with 8gb of ram. Hmm but what to put on it? See what I turned it into and tell me what you think.

Raspberry PI 3 B+ with Adguard Home

With extra raspberry pi’s laying around I decided to build a Ad Blocker for the home network

Making a 240 cfm Bathroom Vent $50

Tired of steam not getting pulled out when I showered so I made a 240 cfm bathroom vent booster!

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